Recovery Coaching

don’t do recovery alone

Get the Right Support

Research shows recovering from addiction is most effective when you or your loved one has a strong support system. But what does it look like to have the right support? It starts with surrounding yourself with healthy, reliable people who will encourage you to stay sober and hold you accountable as you reestablish yourself. Long-term change can be challenging so you need good people who are willing to walk the journey with you.

Healing from addiction takes time

As a Recovery Coach whose spent the last decade helping struggling addicts, I know how long and scary the healing process can be.

Maintaining sobriety is a life-long journey. Here’s how we’ll help you discover joy as you rebuild your life:

Identify Strengths

Discovering your gifts and talents will give you a new appreciation for yourself and the confidence to create the life you want.

Build Healthy Habits

Together, we’ll take your strengths and create new behavior patterns that allow you to live balanced through recovery.

Create Personal Accountability

Healthy recovery includes finding a sober support system to help you stay accountable. Small steps can lead to big progress when you keep moving forward toward your goals.

Receive Family Support

Addiction is a family disease, learning how to develop healthy ways to move forward together, is key to experiencing lasting change .

Get the right support on your recovery journey. We can help.

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