ADHD Coaching

here’s the truth:

You’re Not Broken…

You just might need a little help. Did you know that even though we live in a world full of distractions, many people with ADHD lead balanced, fulfilled lives? The key is identifying what you’re good at and creating a plan to develop those strengths. Whether you, your teen, or spouse is struggling with symptoms related to ADHD, help is closer than you think.

Medication alone does not build skills

If you or someone you love has ADHD symptoms, it’s essential to consult a doctor. The physician might prescribe medication as part of your treatment plan. But the reality is pills don’t build skills. That means you still need to spend time developing healthy habits so you and your loved ones can live well.

As a PAAC Certified ADHD Coach, I’m trained to help teens, adults, and families thrive despite the effects of ADHD.

Here’s how we support you and yours on the journey:

Discover Strengths

Knowing what you’re good at will help you or your loved ones focus on the positive instead of dwelling on weaknesses.

Filter Out Distractions

Learning how to focus in overstimulated environments like home, work, and school, will lead to greater success and self-confidence.

Improve Executive Function

Reach your fullest potential by developing skills that help you or your loved ones get things done with speed and excellence.

Prioritize Wellness

Sleeping and eating well, exercising regularly, and managing stress, are all crucial to you living a balanced, fulfilled life.
build the right skills with
Play Attention™
In addition to ADHD Coaching, we offer the leading program for training Executive Functions, which are the mental skills that help you get things done. People with ADHD have trouble mastering these skills. Programs like Play Attention™, allow you or your loved ones to learn how to manage time better, remember details, improve focus, plan, and stay organized.

Build the right skills so you can thrive. We can help.

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